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Despatched a pdf file to Lisa Dillion which states our rights as “Avenue photographers”, makes exciting reading. It does point out that we aren't breaking any rules.

The met’s guidelines on addressing Photographers and S44, When the fulfilled see the legislation as so, why really should Kent police see it different?

Go mu skáhpe viimmat lei ráhpon, mon hoahpuhasten bivttastit ja vihken ruoktut. Nuppi beaivvi vulgen gávpogii ja osten ođđa lása, dán háve diekkár masa ii dárbbaš čoavdaga…

Once i go through things like this it helps make me glad I remaining the UK to live In a foreign country. I wouldn’t have provided them my ID both…..

It Additionally it is feasible (as I've learnt the tricky way) for your law enforcement to go looking you under the Terrorism Act, that has a really various list of principles to your Police and Prison Proof Act.

I’ve been stopped by overzealous stability guards at Canary Wharf, but thus far I’ve avoided real arrest. I will have to have a print out of your met’s pointers () on images in general public and pray the PCSO is ready to examine it.

You will find many guides to photographers’ legal rights. I would love another person experienced for making up a Verify record / variety which might be saved from the pocket or bag then if harassed through the police you'll be able to go through checking what rights you have and what powers they actually have then document these on the shape.

Also to Dave Smart, who thinks it really is amusing to label to be a “Nazi” anybody who has an truthful view which would not agree along with your viewpoint, I'm able to’t consider anything extra offensive. A pity you don’t Reside up for your surname. Now increase up and Get the hair Reduce “hippy”!

My genuine issue is, if I turn out to be the target of crime who do I get in touch with since the Legislation will not be represented equitably by the Police and I'm not availed security possibly from criminal offense or Law enforcement and the two are tough to differentiate in my view.

I'm staggered at this Whilst not astonished, it would seem that the latest moments this nations police force have improved their ideas from innocent until finally proven guilty to guilty right until confirmed innocent.

You've articulated on your own pretty effectively in your letter of complaint and hope that you're going to certainly preserve us updated with any even more action. I want you the best.

Rant about. I’m seriously sorry you were harassed by police. You are very brave to face approximately them. With any luck , with cellular phone cameras and youtube fascist police overreach sooner or later be overwhelmed back again and they will obey the legal guidelines they enforce.

I used to be shocked to read through this, but will also not shocked at all. I choose Germany, where at least in Berlin the law enforcement are still human beings with a few sense of decency. Officer Pies and officer WPC Neurosis there had no appropriate to accomplish whatever they did, and obtaining been stopped with the law enforcement just before within the Medway cities I do understand.

On this occasion I used to be interrogated bare against a wall by a 5 solid armed Police SWAT group once they Permit themselves in and dragged me out of my very own bed at gunpoint. My only criminal bloggii review & bonus offense versus Modern society is I've a disability.

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